The golf swing is taught through our seven step swing process and combos. Through perfecting the various combos, the coaches are able to analyze and adjust the ways the club and the body work together to produce good golf shots. Once the students are able to demonstrate a certain level of understanding of the combos, they are able to add the play component to their regminen. 

Classes are taught at two facilities:

Facility A: BGF Golf Facility in the Sports Center Complex                                Faility B: Royal Blue Golf Club at Baha Mar

Student John Doe begins the program at Facility A. John can attend instuction sessions up to five days per week, Tuesday through Saturday. John has to show that he can explain and demonstrate the various combos before being able to attend Facility B, as Facility B is mainly used for learning how to play the game on the golf course. Once John is able to attend Facility B, he is now required to schedule a blend of days between Facility A and Facility B. Saturday instruction classes are only held at Facility A.

Each golfer starts in Division 1, 25 yards from the hole. Golfers will play 9 holes, and if they shoot the target score of 36 or better, the golfer will progress to division 2. We continue this until they reach Division 10.

So if we take a look at a beginner and play the standard tee-box on a par 4 it would tend to look something like this. Because of a lack of skill and direction, we commonly see the score of a 10 on a par 4.

Our goal is to groom the junior golfer to shoot PAR. The term PAR describes the pre-determined score a skilled golfer should be able to shoot on a specific hole. Example: Shot from Tee box TO Fairway, then Fairway TO Green, and two putts for a score of 4.