Parents Do's and Don'ts

Listed below are the Do's and Don'ts that will help guide you as a parent in nurturing your child's golf development.

The Do's

Stay involved and interested, and if you do play yourself to spend time with your child practicing or playing a few holes whenever possible.

Take off the pressure of winning as the sole purpose of playing the game. 

Always be supportive, interested and encouraging. Be there for them when they lose or have a bad day. You can't always be there at each tournament but be prepared to listen to how they played after.

Be tough on sportsmanship, play by the rules of golf and not accept bad temper and vulgarity on and off the course.

Teach them that their golf score good or bad is not "them". This will ensure their self esteem is never on the line.

Always look supportive, relaxed and comfortable on the course. This is really hard to do and takes a lot of practice! I had a father that hid behind trees because he believed that when his son saw him on course a bad hole would follow!

Make sure your child's ego does not get too big as it's a recipe for disappointment when they have a bad day on course. 

And it will happen!

The Don'ts

Put pressure on winning as the sole purpose of playing the game.

Get too excited when the child win's or even worse get emotional when they lose or play poorly.

Show negative emotion, fear or nervousness while the child is on course.

Golf is an individual sport so refrain from saying things like "we're playing great today" or "We won".

If the child is in a junior program or taking individual golf lessons don't give feedback to the child that is in conflict of what the professional is teaching.

Don't use love to get the child to work harder. This does not work as the child is doing it to gain your attention not because he wants to improve his/her golf game.